Caroline McCarthy

1 July - 18 August 2006

  • There

Caroline McCarthy's exhibition There is of new and early work by the London based Irish artist. A general theme throughout the works shown at Void is a response to archetypal representations of place. In PalmTree (CMYK).tif, 2006 McCarthy uses circles of plastic punched out from red, yellow, blue and black bin liners to create images based on CMYK printing technique. The image produced for this show is a copy of an image of a palm tree found by accident in a ‘sample image' folder in the depths of the artist's computer.

Souvenirs (Blue) and Golden Wonder, 1998, is a visual response to the contemporary language of travel and destination. Images from travel brochures of resort destinations from around the globe are trimmed to reveal simply the heart of the image – the resort swimming pool. The cut out swimming pools are displayed in a row, beneath which is a row of found crisps, each crisp an echo of the pool above. The elevation of the crisp, and it's mimicking of the pools both highlights and undermines the status of the destination image.


Engaging work, however a tad cynical if not fantastic!