The Keeper Series

Amanda Dunsmore

20 August - 23 September 2005

  • The Keeper Series

Amanda Dunsmore's new show, The Keeper Series, challenges the usually unadventurous oil paintings or bronze busts of politicians. Her portrayals of Sinn Feín's Martin McGuinness and the Progressive Unionist Party's David Irvine are silent video projections of the two politician's faces, filmed as they watch one of Dunsmore's earlier films Billy's Museum. Amanda Dunsmore says of the installation that her aim is “to create a portrait based on traditional painted representation especially in reference to the lighting composition. Politicians speak to us through the media of the moving image, usually on television. These men are silent. Their silence allows the audience to study and contemplate these interesting individuals in a different way."

The second video installation in the exhibition comes from a copy of Shakespeare's Anthony & Cleopatra found at the Long Kesh library. This book became the inspiration behind her audio/visual installation. Reacting to the architectural features of the gallery space, Dunsmore has reconstructed the work and retitled it The Soldier & The Queen.


It's great to see such a fantastic gallery space in Derry. The work is very interesting and quite Beckettian in the exchange of voices and minimalist presentation. I liked the subtlety and silent intensity of the Portraits too