No Special Place

Daniel Jewesbury

13 November – 14 December 2007

  • No Special Place

No Special Place is a new experimental film installation by Belfast based artist Daniel Jewesbury. Using a script partly appropriated from the 1954 novel Bhowani Junction, Jewesbury has constructed an eccentric narrative which brings biography, memory and race into its view. Our construction of our sense of self is as fragile as the memories from which it is built, argues Jewesbury. Drawing on his own half-Indian background, Jewesbury uses Bhowani Junction, set amongst the Anglo-Indian community immediately prior to India's independence, to find ways of representing an uncertain, constantly shifting subjectivity. Formally, the piece moves between a number of different registers, the straightforward filmic narrative it seems to employ soon becoming fragmented and disrupted. Shot on 16mm during Summer 2007, the piece is presented as a double video projection with multi-channel soundtrack,. Also showing with No Special Place is another new film installation, shot in Ireland and India, 10 Monologues.


Brilliant and Provocative