Showing Off

Mhairi Sutherland

25 March - 20 May 2017

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The Void Engage programme for the Showing Off exhibition includes:


Friday Night Films

Select Fridays at 7.00pm, Admission £2

Fri, 21 April, Fairy Tales & Pride in Our City
Selected by Justine Scoltock & Katherine Rowlandson
Director: Justine Scoltock

These two short documentaries from a local filmaker feature experiences of civil rights and contempoary life from the lgbtq perspective in the North West of Ireland.


Fri, 28 April, Wanda
Selected by Eamonn McCann
Director: Barbara Loden

Wanda is an independent cinema classic from the 1970s.  Wanda depicts a woman's lack of agency and the pitfalls in life outside the accepted role in a patriarchal and capitalist world.


Fri, 5 May, Mustang
Selected by Derek O'Connor
Director: Deniz Gamze Ergüven

Oscar-nominated Mustang is a tale of spirited youth & timely work of engaging social cinema.  In a small village in northern Turkey, five sisters fight back against the limits imposed on them and test their family ties to breaking point.


Fri, 19 May, Two Minute Masterpiece Screening
Selected by Void
Directors: Local filmmakers selected for the BBC Arts Show

Two Minute Masterpiece is an exciting opportunity for five local female filmmakers to have a short film commissioned and showcased on BBC platforms and The Arts Show.  The films reflect aspects of Northern Ireland's culture and arts scene.