Brian Maguire
Curated by Jonathan Cummins

28 November 2015 - 6 February 2016

We delivered a huge programme of Void Engage events for Brian Maguires exhibition J'ACCUSE. Brian worked directly with people from Extern, Galliagh Womens Group the Verbal Arts Centre and The Rainbow Project. 

There was a film screening of Blood Rising as part of the Fotyle Film Festival, a curators tour with Jonathan Cummins and a panel discussion with Ed Vullimay, Eamon Mc Cann and Brian Maguire, chaired by Susan Mc Kay. 

Hundreds of people came to see this increidble exhibition. We delivered workshops and guided tours to adults with dementia as well as young people from the Tuned In project – who created messages of love after their visit which we sent to the families of the women in Ciudad Juárez. 

For information and booking please contact: sally@derryvoid.com

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