Collected Shadows

Timothy Prus

12 August - 7 October 2017

We had over 370 people experience Collected Shadows through the Void Engage Programme, which consisted of 15 tours, 9 workshops, discussions, and included:

Head Dress Workshops with Karen Cassidy

We created fabulous head dresses using found/recycled materials with resident artist facilitator Karen Cassidy.

Slow Photo Sunday with artist Mhairi Sutherland 

This exploratory programme used the Archive of Modern Conflict exhibition as a starting point for a photographically-themed arts programme, exploring individual approaches to historical photography. The title ‘Slow Photo Sunday’ refers to the relaxed atmosphere of this Sunday programme, and to the movement of other modes of cultural ‘slowness’ where the emphasis is on a slower, often historical process rather than achieving a faster result.

The 'Collected Shadows' exhibition was an incredibly rich and layered experience exploring how aspects of conflict and colonialism have been captured and displayed through a range of 19th and early twentieth century photographic practices and approaches. Participants explored and choose elements of the exhibition to work from, enjoying a bespoke gallery tour, sensitise watercolour paper, making their own negatives to create unique, individual cyanotype prints and creating a photo-collage as part of their Slow Photo Sunday portfolio.

The sessions included coffee and a croissant – it was on a Sunday after all!