Civil Rights

"Without education, you're not going anywhere in this world"  
Malcolm X

The Void Engage programme for Civil Rights worked with over 600 people in the City Factory gallery. We delivered peer-to-peer artist sessions and seminars, as well as a massive range of workshops for the public, for families, youth and community groups, primary and secondary schools. We hosted curator’s tours for the public and worked with third level students in a variety of innovative ways that linked in with their curriculum. 

The Process Room acted as a hub for all of this earning and engagement, generating artworks with the resident artists Darran Mc Glynn and Lisa Herpe.  We worked in partnership with organisations like the Verbal Arts Centre Reading Rooms project, Foyle Film Festival and the Library Service of NI. And if that wasn't enough, another great Comix was produced by Nick Brennan and distributed accross the city. 

We were busy and it was brilliant. And all throughout, the voices of people who fought for civil rights adorned the walls and their message became a heart-beat of the creative process. 


“Places like this need to exist for Derry. It will take time for interaction to grow with Derry’s public but it is starting to improve and high quality exhibitions like this with intellectually stimulating + relevant content is essential to improve Derry’s artistic cityscape” Stephen, Local Artist