Andres Serrano
Conor McFeely

8 October - 17 December

The Void Engage programme for the Andres Serrano exhibition included: 


Eleven people performing for eleven hours 
Saturday 5th November, 11.00am – 10.00pm

This was the eleventh in the Cumulator series which began in January with one person performing for one hour, and ended in December with 12 people performing for twelve hours at Echo Echo. The public were invited to attend and offer supportive energy which helped sustain the artists in the durational performance. 

From Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Belfast, Derry and Donegal the performance artists were: Cara Park, Marita Bullmann, Beatrice Didier, Mads Floor Andersen, James King, Patricia Doherty Roe, Brian Patterson, Zara Lyness, Caroline Pugh, Colm Clarke and Siobhan Mullan.


The Hooded Men Book Launch 
Thursday 10 November, 7.30pm 

Void were delighted to host the launch of the second edition of this book, first published in 1974. This revised edition contains the original statements taken down by Raymond Murray,  shortly after the men underwent the brutal interrogation methods known as the ‘Five Techniques’. That original book, never before published in a trade edition, is now available with a new foreword by the solicitor for the men themselves and a postscript on their lives and case to date by their case representative.

The event included speakers Jim McIllmurray, Case Co-ordinator, Darragh Mackin, Solicitor along with some of the Hooded Men. 

Further information see Wordwell Books 

Workshop with artist Mhairi Sutherland
Saturday 12/ 19/ 26 November, 1.30 – 4.30

This was a dynamic and intensive short programme of visual arts – making and stimulating conversation around the challenging and adult themes of the Serrano exhibition. Perfect for people who enjoy visiting galleries of a Saturday afternoon, students and others with an interest in the history of art and contemporary artists, and for those who want to explore the exhibition themes on a deeper level.

The group worked individually, drawing from the nude model using a range of media, such as charcoal, Indian ink and colour. A movement session explored issues of trust, defence, interaction and conveying emotion through bodily movement and gesture. The drawings and other studies were used as the basis for a completed work in the third session. Using the Torture exhibition by Andres Serrano as a thematic starting point, the workshop discussed contemporary and art historical examples of artwork as ‘shocking’, through examples and discussion.


'Origins of Photography'
Workshop with artist Blaine O'Donnell
Saturday 3 December, 11am – 4pm

Explore the origins of photography and learn how to make a photograph using traditional techniques.In this one-day workshop, participants were introduced to the basic principles of photography. Techniques included: learn how to construct a simple pinhole camera, how to load it with photographic paper, and how to expose it to create a black and white photograph.

Participants learned the basic darkroom skills necessary to develop their image, creating a photograph to take home.

No previous experience is necessary. All materials are provided.


Visual Artists Cafe: Social Media and Online Presence Workshop 
24th November, 11am – 4pm

This workshop looked at ways artists can use free internet tools to support their overall professional development, and to promote specific exhibitions. We explored platforms that enable you to showcase your work on-line, such as WordPress and Tumblr.

We also looked at how social media can help expand your audience; and other ways to connect, such as developing and maintaining mailing lists and contacting journalists. The day also included tips on how to use internet-based tools to support your applications and proposals.