A Many Splintered Thing

Bieke Depoorter - Irina Popova - Jana Romanova - Nadia Sablin
Gregory Mc Cartney & Susanne Stich

18 July - 12 September

Void and its accompanying Engage programme has found its new home in the refurbished City Factory space. Same building, different level.

We launched on the 18th July with this incredible group photographic show alongside  'Painting Back'- an exhibition of artworks created by older people from local nursing homes and day care centres, working with artist Ann Quinn.  You can watch a trailer for the film which documents that project here.

The new Process Room is a great space where people of all ages are encouraged to drop in and make art inspired by the exhibition. It's a multi-purpose area where we also host workshops, talks and screenings as part of the Void Engage programme.

We actively seek to work in partnership with other organisations and during 'A Many Splintered Thing' we were delighted to work with the Verbal Arts Centre Reading Rooms, Foyle Pride Festival and the Rainbow Project

Our digital programme is growing and once again filmmaker Mara Cavalli created a short film reviewing the exhibition and we also hosted A Chaotic Embrace, our first wedding in the gallery! 



I enjoyed that my visit made me think, that it was hands on and I got to plan something to create myself