Other Scenes

Brigitte Zieger
Gregory McCartney

3 June - 29 July 2017

There are several workshops coming up as part of our current exhibition Brigitte Zieger's 'Other Scenes'. Booking is made by emailing hello@derryvoid.com. Where payment is required, we will give details on how to do so. Please see details for all upcoming workshops below:

Sunday Gallery Drawing Tour
Sunday 16th July, 2 – 4pm

Led by artist facilitator Stephanie Gaumond, this guided observational drawing tour combines information about the exhibition along with drawing exercises based on the themes and materiality of the work in 'Other Scenes'.

All materials are provided but feel free to bring your favourite sketchbook or drawing materials.

Admission fee £5

Age 18+. All levels welcome.


Sculpture Workshop

Tues 25th & Thurs 27th July
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Rory Harron is a sculptor and installation artist with many years' experience in mould-making for larger monumental artworks. Void are hosting two workshops on sculpture and mould-making; the principle focus being to transform a small simple clay work into a permanent resin sculpture.

The workshops will consist of participants sculpting a small figure or object in clay which will then be moulded with silicon rubber. The second workshop will involve pouring resin into the mould to form the sculpture, following which the sculptures will be hand painted in acrylics. This technique is invaluable for producing multiples of work – and in the interests of permanence.

Admission £20

Limited places (Max 12)


Freeform Sculptures

Saturday 29th July
Families can come together in The Process Room for an afternoon of creativity. Using embroidery hoops and mixed media make your own mobile sculpture inspired by Alexander Calder.

2 – 5 years, 11:30am – 12:30pm
6 – 12 years, 2pm – 4pm

Admission is free, please pre-book.